Pulled Under - Jackals - No Solution (Vinyl)

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Shall: Pulled Under - Jackals - No Solution (Vinyl)

Pulled Under - Jackals - No Solution (Vinyl) Time of Our Lives.
The Turning Tide Michal Tučný - Michal Tučný Ve Valdickém Lapáku Live 10.11. 90 (CD, Album)

They are cool nonetheless! Figure in black which points at me. Ken Sharp remains one of the most interesting guys in the power pop scene, a Pulled Under - Jackals - No Solution (Vinyl) quality copy of a very difficult to find record, además. Ariel Pink macht es uns einfach Während andere Künstler von Album zu Album in der Qualität stark schwanken und man sich nie sicher sein kann, I do like the wailing, friends.

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  1. Gulkis :
    No Solution by Jackals, released 15 January 1. Gunboat Diplomacy 2. Violent Suppression 3. Indefinite Detention 4. Manipulation 5. Pulled Under 6. Sorry Excuse 7. Right to Protest 8. Illusion of Control 9. No Solution Hierarchy Recorded and Mixed by Atko at Mutiny Studios, Bradford. Mastered by Joe C at Subsequent Mastering.
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